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Thank you for including a picture of your 45M* enlarger. The hook on mine is indeed missing, now that I have seen what one with the hook looks like.

I'll have to see if I can find the replacement part someplace, Ebay or B&H perhaps. I'd rather not cut holes in the table I've got the enlarger on as I used 3/4 MDF for the tabletop and I'd be concerned it would cause a structural weakness, plus the open hole is just another place my tools can fall into and hide from me when I need them ;-)

David: If you can mount the enlarger on a wall, floor projection is much easier. In one darkroom I had, I removed the basboard rails entirely, then mounted the main structure on a platform that I had built, solidly (and precisely plumbed) mounted on a concrete block wall. This way, you can use a table of appropriate height for standard enlargements, and move the table away for larger enlargements projected on the floor. If the wall is of drywall/stud construction, you'll have to make sure the mounting shelf for the enlarger is truly secure, of course.