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    Quote Originally Posted by Neal View Post
    Dear timbo10ca,

    Trust me, you don't need quarter-wave alignment accuracy. Get it as good as you can with a level, use shims if you have to to solve the front/back alingment problem. Spend you time getting the exposure and contrast right, it's much more fun.

    Neal Wydra
    After trying some of the above techniques, I think you and Jerold are correct in my case- As I was getting things into crisp focus, I came to realize that I had nothing to keep it there. There do not seem to be adjustment knobs on this enlarger to hold it in alignment. I *did* however get things pretty darn close by shimming the baseboard. When using a black neg with 5 crosses, I can get the center and all but the upper left corner sharp. It's pretty close though, especially when the lens is at f/8 (mind you the light may just be too dark to see!), even when at 16X20. For a beginner like me, it'll have to be good enough for now, I suppose.

    Thanks again everybody for your help- I will now know what to do with my "next" enlarger!
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    In order of importance:

    1). Have the negative plane perpendicular to the lens axis. With no adjustments this is a problem. Perhaps som balsa wood or cardboard glued to the negative carrier an sanded until it is correct. PITA

    2). Have the len axis perpendicular to the baseboard. Anothe problem with an enlarger w/o adjustments. I do not have any advice about this because I do not know enough about the construction of your enlarger.

    3). Have the easel parallel with the negative carrier. Use shims as necessary.
    Claire (Ms Anne Thrope is in the darkroom)

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