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I'm still using a Besseler 23C. After 35 years of printing it's still working flawlessly. The above-the-lens filter drawer and tilting lens stage are handy features, and also the 6x9 cm (max. format) capability.
I agree completely. I recently bought a nice Omega D2V with carriers and lenses to cover formats from 35mm to 4x5 on eBay thinking that I would take down the 23c that I've used forever. Within a month, I carried my 23c back from the garage and now use it for 35mm and 6x7 and the D2 only for 4x5.
I use the tilting lens stage quite often for perspective control of 35mm images and the slide-in red filter for flashing selective areas of a print. I find that I can also switch the above the condenser filters between exposures while split printing without disturbing the enlarger.