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    When I first got my dichroic enlarger, I made a set of comparison prints using the recommended filter settings, and my set of Multigrade filters. I found that the recommended dichroic filtration had about a half-grade less contrast than the equivalent MG filter. YMMV

    But, it really doesn't matter much until you get to grades 00 or 5, if you want more contrast dial in more magenta/less yellow, or the other way round if you want less, using the recommended settings as a guide. Or else do split grade and just use max yellow or max Magenta. Either way, you don't really need to get hung up on grade numbers. Just be sure you write down the filter settings for any print you want to repeat.

    With no filters the white-light grade is about 2, but it's easier to always use filters as there is less compensation to figure in if you need to go from grade 2 to something else requiring a filter.

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    As Bdial says do not get hung up on filter numbers. There is no rule that every negative is best with a specific Ilford filter number. Indeed split grade printing has more philosophically in common with dichroic heads than fixed filters.
    Nevertheless, I find that I can achieve a better number 5 with a very old bakelite set of Kodak below the lens filters than with pure magenta on my D5.
    Whatever filter you use, if it is right, it is right.
    "There are a great many things I am in doubt about at the moment, and I should consider myself favoured if you would kindly enlighten me. Signed, Doubtful, off to Canada." (BJP 1914).


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