Keith, I tried the scan suggestion, but my scanner will not render the detail needed for checking edge sharpness. So, I checked my enlarger alignment out as Jason and Ian suggested and sure enough it was out of alignment left to right. I then reprinted with both regular and glass negative carriers.

There is significant improvement to the edge sharpness left to right. This is where the misalignment was. However, there is still a bit of softness, especially in the corners. Both ends of the roof support I beam are very soft in the corners of the photos, about the same regardless of which negative carrier was used.

After checking further, this was Plus-X developed in HC110 dilution B. Again, it was hand held under roof. Perhaps the f stop was wider open than I suggested earlier. I always thought my 35mm Nikon F2.0 lens was very sharp. Maybe not in the corners? Or, maybe the corners of this photo are that much further from the camera and therefore out of focus.

I have gotten so attached to working with sharp, larger, medium format negatives that I need a very good reason to shoot b&w with my Nikon equipment. I would be more motivated to use 35mm if I shot sports or quick moving street photography. I do very little of either.

Thanks for the suggestions and comments. My enlarger did need to be aligned.