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    Good luck with the condenser!

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    Some years ago there was a magazine article on making replacement Durst condensers, it wasn't difficult. They are easy to buy circular, its a case of trimming off the corners and making the holders.

    I'm sure if you searched the web you could find how to form the glass into shape.


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    I think Richard Ide (here, OM him) may understand the optics well enough to comment on any issues in adaptation (I'm not suggesting he'd give you step-by-step instructions, just that he has done some custom enlarger optics work for himself and probably has a good understanding of twhat one can get away with and what one cannot).

    Oops, maybe PM would work better.

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    Thanks, all. I spent some time searching the web, but found nothing. I'll try PM-ing Richard. Will report if I find anything useful.
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    RE condensers

    Hi Arcady,
    For the purpose of this exercise let us assume the light source is a bare filament bulb (point source) rather than diffuse and for determining spacing by trial and error, I think it must be. The condenser should focus the light at some point within the enlarging lens. That determines the condenser/lens distance. I think you should focus a negative on the easel to arrive at the correct lens film distance. Remove the negative. IIRC a simple magnifying glass held in front of the enlarger lens will give an image of the filament on the easel. If the filament image is not sharp and fill the image circle, you need to change the lamp condenser distance. When using a point source for enlarging, the lamp condenser distance varies with each change in magnification for best results. A diffuse source is far less critical as far as lamp position is concerned.

    I now need to take my foot out of my mouth and have a beer.
    I hope this provides enough information.


    Why are there no speaker jacks on a stereo camera?

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    I'm a M700 user, too. Here's a hint for future searches: shop the e-auctions on their various international versions. The different sites don't always seem to be hooked together. For example (and not to rub salt into the wound!),
    you just missed a condenser 1-1/2 months ago . . .


    and another one, last month . . .


    and yet another, just two days ago ...


    I trust this will be helpful to you, in case your DIY project doesn't work out!

    In my own case, I need 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9 masks for my negative carrier! Has anybody out there got one —or several— of these to sell to a Durst-brother (me!) for a reasonable price? If so, please PM me .

    Thanks and Happy New Year to y'all,


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    First off all this shall be no misapplication of this great forum !

    Some time ago I switched over to a Durst M805, the M700 is retired now. It's equipped with two condensors (Unicon 105 and Unicon 85) three diffuse mixing boxes (Setobox) for 35mm, 6x6m and 6x9 cm.
    Ages ago I made one working unit out of two fragments, so some Parts are double, some single...

    Double parts are the compete Enlarger head with lamphouse, lamphouse cover and mirror as well as the two light-tight bellows. There are two interchangeable dicroitic color heads (CLS70) but only one transformer. Anyway every 12V transformer who gives 100 watt power output will be useful instead. This will be a good option to use multigrade paper in conjunction with the mixing boxes.
    There are two columms (the "tube side by side" one's, not the improved M800's one!) but only one basebord and one Setoneg (glassed) negative carrier. There is a pair of glassless negative mask for halfframe (Aumet 18) which can be rasped / grinded to convert it (to a Aumet 35) for 35mm negatives easily.

    Because I know how hard these items are to get, I strived against a selling till now. Last not least it makes quite an ammount of work to wrap and ship all this.

    If there is really interest for the entire unit or for the (majority of the) parts I could think it over, providing a fair salary. Give me a email stefan4u@freenet.de , maybe I can overcome my lazyness and start a ebay auction next weekend for each other's benefit.

    One more point to think over, I'm located in Germany, so shipping costs may be higher than in the US...

    Regards from Germany,

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