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    Any tips for making enlarged proof sheets?

    I need to make about a dozen enlarged proof sheets from 120 rolls cut into 4-frame strips.

    I'm renting use of a darkroom with an 8x10 enlarger with glassed negative carrier. I would like to get the strips to line up nicely on the proof sheets but I can imagine that they'll move around as I enclose them in the carrier. Tape would hold them in place but then would appear on the print.

    Has anyone come up with a clever way to hold negative strips nicely in a big negative carrier?

    Anything else I should look out for?


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    I have made enlargements by using one piece of glass and adhering the negative(s) with alcohol,lighter fluid or mineral spirits. Alcohol has to have little or no water in it.

    Why are there no speaker jacks on a stereo camera?

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    I've done that several times with a smaller enlarger (5x7), so I could get twelve 35mm frames, or six 6x4.5.

    As the proof sheets are just proof sheets I do not need them be perfectly aligned.

    Use gloves. Might sound silly but I do most of darkroom printing without them and even if I do, I usually use just one. But when I put a few strips at once into a big carrier I definitely use both.

    I put the strips perpendicular to the edge where upper and lower parts of carrier are joint together. Wearing gloves I can hold the other ends of the strips and begin to close the carrier.

    If the film is quite flat it sometimes is quite straightforward. Film do not usually move much if I close the carrier slowly. If it moves when there is no room for fingers i can move the ends using a toothpick or straightened paperclip.

    If the film is not to flat the almost closed carrier holds the other end somewhat with my fingers still holding them. I move away fingers and close more. Usually they do need a toothpick...

    Rather tedious so I gave it up.
    I do contacts with sleeved negative so you might try putting sleeved negs into the carrier.



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