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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas Lindan View Post
    "When mixing apples and oranges be sure to add a beer."
    I'll drink to that.
    Last year when I went for a physical exam, I was having quite a bit of trouble with allergies that particular day.

    My doctor, Lord love him, is a Chinese fellow - extremely thorough. Not really adept at American humor, he loves it when caught off guard with a wisecrack.

    He made the mistake of asking "what I think wrong with me" and after a short hesitation I told him I had too much blood in my alcohol system. He laid his head down on the desk and laughed for about 2 minutes without a stop.

    At that time, I hadn't had anything alcoholic to drink in over ten years.

    By the way, Nicholas - I have and use regularly a little gadget that works in a manner similar to your instructions made by Sinar years ago - a bellows extension gage.
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    "Beer is proof that God wants us to be happy."

    Benjamin Franklin

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