You have a very nice enlarger. The VC controller is not as common as the color controller. As noted, this is a dichroic head with three lamps and three filters. What is different than the standard dichroic head (the Beseler 45S) is that yours is additive and uses Red, Green, Blue filters instead of subtractive using Yellow, Magenta, Cyan filters.

I have never used your head. I bought a dead Universal head, have a color controller, but no power source. But if you set it for grade 5 I assume that the light output should be blue and grade 1 should be green if you want to verify that the controller is right. You should not have any trouble printing at high contrast.

The controller has an integral timer and I believe other functions such as print counters. I did not realize that the filters did not move but it makes sense if you look inside. I also did not realize that the red filter was swapped out for clear in the VC model. I thought you could just swap out the controllers.