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    Focomat 1c and filter placement


    I have read about three different ways to use ilford multigrade filters on an older focomat 1c without the filter slot in the lamp head.
    1. under the lamp above the condensor
    2. under the lens, laying the filter on empty swing arm so as to avoid vignetting
    3.under the lens, using the ilford filter attachment (this won't fit on my focomat 1c at all)

    Are there still other ways?

    As #3 is unworkable, 1 or 2 seem the best bets for me. As I currently I have a set of ilford 3.5" filters, not 6" filters, the swing arm would seem the least costly.

    However, my main question is which method, 1 or 2, functions most effectively in printing?

    Thanks a lot,
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    If you put them on the top of the condenser, you might want a piece of glass to act as a heat filter so you don't cook them. Otherwise either is fine, unless your filters are all scratched, spotted, etc then above the condenser is best.
    You can put them on top of the neg carrier as well on some enlargers.

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    focomat 1c and filter placement

    I use both the grade 0 and the grade 5 filters sequentially below the lens on my ancient focomat 1c for most of my prints. I, too, found that the attachment that is supposed to hold them doesn't fit, so I simply hold them immediately below the lens by hand for the duration of each exposure. I have not noticed any degradation of the image as a result of below lens filtration -- they are identical to prints made on my focomat V35. (I bought the 1c recently for the equivalent of around 40 US dollars and use it because of the difficulty in getting replacement lamps for the V35. It is a wonderful enlarger).



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