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    Enlarging On Lodima

    Well, I thought I'd give it a try so I popped a pyrocat-hd developed 4x5 negative into my enlarger to make an 8x10 print (slightly smaller than 8x10 actually, due to the wicked curl in the paper...the easel blades had a hard time holding that paper down!). I'm using an Aristo VCLH and the EL Nikkor enlarging was set wide open at f/5.6. Had no idea what exposure time to give but knew that it would be quite long. So I gave 12 minutes. I stood there for 12 minutes. Anyway, I developed the print in MAS Amidol and it was almost perfect. I probably should expose for another stop...but I just didn't feel like standing there for 16 minutes, since my lens doesn't open up more. Maybe 16 minutes, maybe longer. I have no idea how this paper responds to such long exposure times due to reciprocity.
    I switched to an HP5 negative that was developed in Xtol. It was thinner than the Pyrocat-HD negative, with a DR of about 1.30. I exposed it for 8 minutes at f/5.6 and it came out pretty good.
    I guess the pyrocat-HD negatives block out more UV and perhaps that is why the exposure time was much longer?? At any rate, I think if I go this route, I will use conventionally developed film...or maybe I'll go back in my darkroom tomorrow and try that 16 minute exposure after all...
    Maybe I'll post a scan later.

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    I tried old Azo F2 and got 21 minutes or something with pretty normal negative
    Old Velox F3 -which should be slower than a grade 2- and got about 16 minutes same negative
    remember Velox is faster than Azo
    Another old contact paper grade 2 and had exposure about 14 minutes which means it is probably about the same speed grade for grade as Velox

    From what I've read =little
    Lodima is faster than Azo
    probably not too much slower than Velox ..or about halfway between the two

    I think 16-18 would be just about right depending on neg density
    Try 4x5 to 8x10 at f9 dodging/burning for like 60 minutes and I'd also bet it would be the last or second to last time ever attempted
    Then again
    Alter the negative to take into account dodge/burns or build a second negative and perhaps it's worthwhile to enlarge 4x5 to 8x10 onto Lodima once in a while



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