in my expirieance the top line rodenstocks and the top line shcneiders are the best, (im talking about the normal focal lenghts not the wides). nikons (at least the 50 and 80 are very good as well. there are also a very good lenses from meopta - the meogons (50 and 80 that i know). on small enlargements all of those will maek a very good prints especially with the condensor head. but if u go beyound the x10 magnification the best are the germans top line lenses (rodenstoks are a little bit ahead). for me it is very important since most of the serious prints from the 35mm are much beyound the x10. it is critical when i use in those enlargements a cold light. on 69cm it seems to be less critical, since the magnification ratio is smaller but it is good to have a better lense. i also know that rodenstok has a special lense for a very high magnifications (towards x20), but i dont have it and i dont know how it effects the final image in practice. u can read the mtf graffs. they reflect very well the actual performance.