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    Point source enlarger condenser glass fix??

    Group -

    This is my first post.

    I just received an Omega #472-042 condenser for my Omega DM point source enlarger. It was damaged in shipping! Both of the 4-11/16" diameter glass condensers hit together, causing chips in the center of each one about 1/8" in diameter. This is a relatively rare condenser set (discontinued in 1978) for use with a 90mm lens to print 2-1/4" X 2-1/4" negatives, so I would really like to repair it. Both condenser lenses are otherwise in perfect condition - no cracks or scratches at all!

    Can this be repaired with the silicone windshield repair stuff mentioned in the other thread about repair of an enlarging lens? Note that these are condensers between the light source and negative, and not glass on the downstream side of the negative.

    On the one hand, these are condensers; on the other hand, the point source nature of the light will bring out any imperfections in the glass. The glass is devoid of any other imperfections or occlusions - Omega apparently used much better lenses for the point source condensers.

    Can the glass be repaired so that the damage will not show in the print?

    (The water temperature here is above 80*F here, so I cannot do any printing until fall.)

    Thanks for your assistance!

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    It might be possible in this instance to get them repaired, there's nothing to lose trying.

    However you should also be able to buy new condenser lenses, I have an article I saved back in the UK about making a new pair for a Durst enlarger. Omega might have discontinued stocking replacements 301 years ago but they are used for non photographic purposes and still made, so try some where like Edmund Optical. I've seen them somewhere else online recently.




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