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View Poll Results: What is your typically largest print size?

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  • smaller

    22 9.57%
  • 8x10

    71 30.87%
  • 11x14

    95 41.30%
  • 16x20

    29 12.61%
  • larger

    13 5.65%
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    Thomas Bertilsson's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
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    You got me beat... My darkroom has a concrete floor, about 3 x 7 feet of it. It's a "re-modeled" coal cellar that was used to store coal when that once was fuel for the big gravity furnace the house came with.

    But it works. For prints up to 11x14. I would like to print 16x20, though. But any larger than that, I would have to make some serious money first. I have no idea how people can afford those large sheets of paper. When you start hitting eight or nine bucks a sheet... Geez. It would break the bank in no time.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2F/2F View Post
    Don't feel too bad about duct tape! Mine is next to a bunch of exposed dirt (the halfway underground bottom level of a house that was built on a hill in 1906), is not light tight (so I can only print at night), and has no running water (I have to carry prints to the bathroom for that)! How I can get a dust free prints, let alone any prints in there is sometimes beyond my comprehension. Not light tight, not dust free, and no running water: requirements 1, 2, and 3 for a darkroom. Hmmm...
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    I presume you mean darkroom prints. 11X14 is my choice for big prints. I can do 16X20, but I have little use for that size, and I have to process it in a tube. I can handle 11X14 in a tray, and I find it a nice size for display. I think 14X17 might be nice for a quite a few things (even though I would have to process it in a tube), but that paper size is not readily available. I actually make a lot of 8X10 prints because I make a lot of prints from 35mm. 8X10 is about the largest print you can reliably make from 35mm, although some subjects allow a bit bigger size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROL View Post
    looking back through my cache of 11X14's, they can appear as "little jewels".
    - I would consider that quite huge jewels!

    I like printing not too large (hence my tick in the 8x10 box), as my prints are usually viewed at a fairly short distance, given the small-ish dimensions of my house gallery area (a posh word for a white wall designated for hanging photographs on).

    Also, 8x10 is a nice format for presents, I find. People used to looking at 4x6 colour prints from the local lab find the size impressive, and the print can be framed or put in a photo binder without too much hassle or expense.

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    I think it's enough now. Thanks to everyone for participating!

    Ralph W. Lambrecht

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