What you say makes sense. the additional instruction was that the sound improved after a few hours of continuous operation. Not having a pair of 'golden ears' I have taken the word of the manufacturers, such as AR. I have to say though, that after well over ten years of continuous operation there have been no failures. AR has a reputation for being a 'high end' builder and they seem to do a considerable amount of research on their products. Or is it mostly hype? Audio stuff is sold by people who sound knowledgable, but most of the consumers know little more than I. If the Absolute Sound says it is good, and the 'build quality' superb, what do I know? Another exaple of caveat emptor, and where does one go for good information. I am fairly knowledgable re photographic stuff and can make my own tests of most of it. But things like audio - listening is difficult and results completely subjective.