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I would like to become proficient at burning in the darkroom however the basics of the technique are foreign to me. Could anyone here give some information or links to tutorials and any general tips...
As someone already said (and you realized), too difficult for a start. I would do this one by preparing a dodging mask and print the negative with the mask as a sandwich, but I don't recommend to try masks to get started.

As far as recommendations for text, I can suggest two of my chapters:


or one of the best books for practical B&W doging and burning of all times:

Larry Bartlett & Jon Tarrant, Black and White, Fountain Press, 1996
Larry Bartlett was a professional printer. The book explains how he produced involving, expressive prints from other people’s negatives. The preliminary chapters look at the basics of darkroom design and equipment and moves on to explain how each of the featured prints was coaxed from the negative.