I use a low-pressure sodium safelight (Thomas Duplex) for Kentmere Bromide. I reinforced it, however, with some very carefully selected Roscoe sheets in DIY custom glass filters after inspection with a CD disc showed several of the other standard emission peaks in the blue-green end as potential problems. All that passes now is the standard orange doublet and that one additional peak further into the red end.

For VC paper I made a bar of six red (635nm peak) LEDs that sits atop the suspended Thomas as an alternate safelight. My trusty CD also showed a little unwanted blue-green from these, so I simply covered the LEDs with a sheet of Rubylith as a high-end cutoff filter. Voila! As perfect a bright pure red as you'll ever see. Or at least need in a working darkroom.

I then tested both of these configurations with pre-threshold flashed sheets of their target papers for well over one hour each. Actually, I think it was 1:20 before I finally gave up. Not a hint of fog with either Bromide (orange) or Ilford MGIV (red). And both safelights are still bright enough to read the fine print. Especially that Thomas.