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So, contrast is not the difference between Dmax - Dmin, but also the gradation between them, the steepness of the curve. You need to take both the Y (density) and the X (exposure) axis into account.
Paper contrast can, I suppose be defined in more than one way, the definition of contrast I was using (Dmin-Dmax range) is based on the Kodak definition:
The range of difference in the light to dark areas of a
negative, print, or slide (also called density); the brightness
range of a subject or the scene lighting."
One of the characteristics of a low contrast print is in fact that there are probably no true (Dmax) blacks.
But I would agree that paper contrast cannot be usefully described without reference to gamma - given enough exposure and a suitable negative a given paper will have the same Dmax & Dmin at any contrast grade but different gammas will given looking prints. MY point originally was that once you were at grade 5 the only way forward was to increase Dmax slightly with Se toning.