Hi again! I know I know, there's been posts on this, both from me & others. But I really wanted to ask for anyone's advice once again.

My initial post was about not being able to focus a Schneider 50mm lens, yet I could focus my other 50's. This even though I am using the Siriotub, which is correct for 50mm. Problem solved, I got rid of the Schneider! No love lost. Thanks for advice on that anyway

Now another problem, albeit not a huge one. I have just picked up a Rodenstock Rodagon 50mm 2.8, the heavy older style with the silver knobs around the aperture adjustment ring.

It sits so far into the Siriotub that I cannot see the red/green glowing aperture numbers.

However, I CAN focus it.... unlike the Schneider problem. That leaves me with the Nikon/Rodenstock/Fujinar, that's quite enough!

But this not being able to see the illuminated aperture setting on the Rodagon because it is obscured by the Siriotub, has anyone else noticed this & have you been able to do anything about it???

ALSO, should there be so much light fall-off in the corners generally??? That no matter which lens I use.

I never for a moment envisaged having hassles like this with a modern enlarger!

I mean, sure I can count, I'll be able to use the lens (haven't as yet), but I would still like to be able to see it like I can easily with the Nikon (the Fujinar's aperture is not illuminated).

Many thanks as always, Paul