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    Quote Originally Posted by Nige View Post
    ... You might even need to add some filtration. ...
    Cheers, Nige
    If you add filtration to act like a grey filter I can follow you, but are you intending anything else with it?


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    No, I was just meaning to lower light levels (i.e. add time), either via a 'proper' ND filter or Contrast filters. I only flash with 'white' light.

    I have heard someone claim flashing with low or high contrast filters can give different effects, but I've never tried that. When flashing paper, you're usually trying to get the paper to take highlights that normally won't print, so maybe a low contrast filter would work better... or is it a high one? Hmmm, I have no idea! Would need to try it.

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    Thanks for all the advice. I tried again with different papers this weekend, but since I can't go below 1 second (at least, not accurately) on an analog timer and 1 second is pretty dark anyway, I still couldn't find the flash point. I used MattKing's option of exposing a negative normally in the dark, then placing coins on it before turning on the safelights. I'm not the most patient person so I only tested two papers this week, as all I could think about was the prints I could have been making instead .

    My normal setup is a yellow light about 6 feet from the enlarger, 5 feet from safebox/paper cutter, 4 feet from developing tray, and an OC light nearly 6 feet away from tray. In case anyone else for some reason has yellow lights in their darkroom:

    I tested Ilford MGIV RC (Satin) up to 20 minutes (2, 4, 8, 12, 20) and could not see a single coin outline. I forgot to bring the original print with me but it's a neg I'm very familiar with. Didn't look one bit darker than normal, base still bright white, the only difference I noticed was how quickly the image came up in developer.

    I also tested Foma Variant III RC (Matte), only bothered going up to 12 minutes in 2-min increments because I already know the reputation. Yowza, I'm not even sure 2 minutes was safe, which was odd considering how easy the paper was to use. Base turned medium grey, only the 2-min and 0-min coin outlines were even visible. For the second test I turned on the other OC light that I don't normally use (in addition to the normal one), about 7 feet from enlarger, 8 feet from safebox/paper cutter, 10 feet from developer tray and pointed towards the ceiling so it's very dim. No coin outlines, print looked perfect. Quite dark in there that way though, not too bad for developing but impossible for writing notes.

    Was going to test my Fomatone WT RC but the package insert said yellow lights OK. I will probably test it next week anyway, though.

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