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    Great end of the story, with a new beginning. Good luck on the new adventures!
    “Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity.” - Lao Tzu

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    Good to hear you kept the darkroom. There were / are so many dazzling conflicts in your story, that I could hardly imagine you making a rational decision.


    "I had a chance to try out the new Sony A33 Alpha. This photo was done with face detection using the Sony Zeiss 135mm Lens."

    And than:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Skeoch View Post
    I have an entire Pentax 645 system, which is the odd man out and I'm going to get rid of it. It's a great system but I want to focus on large format and the Pentax makes me lazy.
    Face detection... Come on!!! For anyone having used LF, this is just a plain insult (and you know it in your heart too! )

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Skeoch View Post
    For regular 35mm I use Sony digital cameras, since I do work for Sony. They never made a film camera so I have a F6 for shooting with
    an SLR. I don't shoot with it all that much but will keep it in the drawer.
    Yeh, well, Sony didn't make SLR camera's either, Minolta did, and for film too. You really should try out a Dynax / Maxxum 7 or 9 once, if you have the Sony Zeiss lenses at your disposal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Skeoch View Post
    It's important to know that I own a traditional photography retail outlet.... which does have some influence on the equipment I use and film's I shoot with.
    Now where did I put that saddle.

    pumped and ready for the new adventure
    You'd be the last person we'd expect here to contemplate all this... Good you decided to go for another ride
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    "The nineteenth century began by believing that what was reasonable was true, and it wound up by believing that what it saw a photograph of, was true." - William M. Ivins Jr.

    "I don't know, maybe we should disinvent color, and we could just shoot Black & White." - David Burnett in 1978

    "Analog is chemistry + physics, digital is physics + math, which ones did you like most?"

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