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    I have three 4x5 enlargers and two 6x7 but am still planning to buy the "ultimate" for "me" and 6x9 Kaiser and all the accessories. I like condenser enlagers and at $800 new the Kaiser is a very good deal and I like that they are so modular with such excellent parts costs.

    You may wonder why with all these enlargers I want a new one. ( I have two Omega D2's an Omega 5Dxl with an Illford 500H head, an LPL 6700 dicro and an LPL 6700 variable contrast). Well it is for the future. I really like the simplicity of the D2 enlarger and I have a lot of accesories for it but to buy a few more would cost me an insane amount. To buy the Kaiser, where I know that it is as good quality wise as my LPL's and all the accesories that need to be included is cheaper than buying the extras I need for the other brands. I don't know why but Kaisers accesories are the most reasonable by a wide margin to any other - and the parts are NEW. I'm getting tired of hunting down parts at exhorbitant rates. I also don't like the crude nature of most of my enlargers. The Kaiser is like the LPL enlargers in that is is a smooth and well thought out piece of machinery. Smooth focus, cheap parts .... and NEW ... make the Kaiser and "no brainer" for me.
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    I have the LPL C7700 Pro with colour head and by taking out the neg masking things I can use it for 6x9 format as well -- a friend from a camera club was giving up his darkroom and he had the LPL with the 'condenser head' -- rare as Hen's Teeth and wanted to sell ALL his stuff for £150 but my wife forbad me to get any more darkroom stuff -- nowhere to put it -- and it all went to a photography Student who has never used it I bet !
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