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    My "darkroom" is in the family workshop used for everything from school projects to wood working projects. I set up the enlarger on the workbench with the developing trays beside it. I also have two dishpans partially filled with water on an opposite shelf for prints to soak till I have enough to take them to the bathroom for running water; often I have to wait for somebody to get out of the shower anyway. For safelights I have two plug in night light holders with red Christmas lights. I also have an LED truck bumper light but it isn't really necessary. Works OK, although paper will begin to show fog with the LED light after about 5 minutes. Haven't noticed any fog from the Christmas lights. I used 11x14 size trays to minimize splashing. Prints come out of the fixer and go into the first dishpan for a couple of minutes and then into the second pan till I can get in the bathroom.

    It works very well so far. I can set up and tear down in 5 to 10 minutes. All the trays and other gear get rinsed in the shower when I am done. The basic idea came from "The Photographers Handbook" by John Hedgecoe (1979 - the book that started it all for me) On page 62 he gives ideas for an under-the-stairs closet darkroom.

    On advantage I may have that you might not enjoy in Tokyo is that I have not had to do anything with the casement windows. Living in a rural setting, i simply wait until it is dark to do any printing. OTOH, I have had kids walk in the door at just the wrong time while I am working and have not yet seen any ill effects. (They don't like the lecture that goes with it :-) But it has also gotten some of them interested in the process - my 19 year old now develops many of my prints and my 17 year old has temporarily ditched her Nikon P&S digicam for the Canon AE-1P. (First roll was bad - what do you mean I have to FOCUS?) LOL.

    A caveat on the LED safelight. You can get the 6 LED model that I got at Wally World for $8 or $9, but it is very bright. They had a two or three LED model for less $$ that might work better. You will need a 12V adaptor or battery for that if you want to go that route. The lights are easily small enough to have a friend ship to Tokyo if you cannot find something there. Fifteen years ago when i was last in Tokyo they didn't have Walmart but maybe they do now.

    Have also only processed RC paper. I have no idea how well fiber paper would work but am am thinking of trying some in the next few weeks.


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    I found this: http://www.s-shin-ei.co.jp/products/..._kcb1520b.html which may be helpful

    I thought about getting one myself, but ended up using my shower room instead. Only one window to black out, and while small, there's enough room to do 35mm.
    Those who know, shoot film

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