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    Check Classic-Enlargers, mentioned above, for lens disks. The flat board is for lenses up to 105mm, the next size (2-1/2" or something like that) is for 135 and thereabouts, and the long 4-1/2" cone is for a 150. You can also find the lens disks on eBay. Some disks have a flange attached, and some just have a 39mm hole, and you use a retaining ring that screws on from the back. You can get 39mm rings from B&H and most any dealer that sells enlarging lenses. Some older or long lenses may take other sizes.

    Some lenses can mount in more than one way. My 150mm Apo-Componon comes with a mounting ring that works directly with the Omega 4-1/2" cone and no disk, but it is also threaded for a 55mm retaining ring, and you can remove the mounting ring, which has some built-in lens extension, and mount the lens in a lensboard with a 39mm hole, by removing the rear cell and re-attaching it with the lensboard in place.
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    Thanks for the input so far, its been real helpful.

    Right now I'm looking at the EL-Nikkor line. They are well priced on eBay, and the rings are only ~6.50 at adorama & B&H, so I don't feel like I have to hold out for one that has the ring included. I figure once I get them I can take them, and the lensboard/cones back to the shop where I bought the enlarger. I know a bunch of the old lenses they had there were mounted on the smaller boards, so hopefully there will be a match somewhere in teh boxes. That place always gives me good prices when I start cleaning out their own inventory, so I would expect to probably pay $5 per disk/ring combo if I can find them.

    D. Goldfarb is selling me the appropriate cone for the 135mm lens. I'm just wondering what the hole diameter is on that since it looks like the 135mm has a build in 50mm-39mm adaptor which would mean I could probably attach the lens as he describes in the previous post by removing the rear cell.
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