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    IC Racer, I am not sure if you are familiar with this machine. In autofocus mode the head sits at the bottom of the column sitting on a sleeve with notches that can be rotated to raise the head to correspond with the height of the enlarging easel, essential for the autofocus to work. The parallelogram arms then allow effortless autofocus adjustment from about 2x to 11x with the 60mm lens for 35mm, and 1.2 to 6x if you have the 95mm lens, a bit less with the 100mm lens.
    The column has a helical screw and by turning a knurled ring nut below the sleeve relatively easy raising of the column for another 30 cm or so increases magnification to 16x and 9.3 x; but of course autofocus is lost.
    Being only too aware of the light fall-off when enlarging to say 20 x 16 (though I don't understand it!) I doubt Leitz missed the trick of avoiding the need to provide a MF setting as well. On the other hand they weren't averse to taking your money. In the 60s these machines cost the equivalent of £10,000.
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