Hi all-
I'm not sure this is the *right* place for this, but I wanted to let you know that the F295 Historic Process workbook is now shipping from Freestyle Photographic! This concise 55 page booklet contains a variety of information on pursuing photography with a hand-made approach. Chapters include:
• A Brief Timeline of Photographic History
• Common Practices
• Lenses and Apertures
• The Camera
• Black and White Film Negatives
• Pre-Flashed Paper Negatives
• Simplified Digital Negatives
• Cyanotype
• Gum Bichromate
• Salted Paper
• Van Dyke Brown
• Writing a Statement
• Notes on Beginning a Series
• Preparing the Portfolio

Each chapter provides all necessary information to complete the task at hand - everything from building a camera, making a lens, creating negatives and historic process prints to writing a statement and preparing a portfolio.

F295 is the worlds largest organization dedicated to the discussion, practice, and advancement of 21st Century Photography– a form of photography which purposely combines historic methods, alternative processes, and adaptive techniques to create something new. In addition to it’s 8 year old active online discussion forum, F295 has held 5 international symposia, and 5 seminars in New York, NY, Pittsburgh PA, and San Francisco, CA and hosted over 80 speakers, 45 hands-on workshops, and 8 exhibitions.

The F295 Historic Process Workbook is available for purchase from Freestyle Photographic Supplies here >>