Had a read of Tim Rudman's regular newsletter regarding the Kentmere papers, quoting from the March 2013 update:
Kentmere Fineprint VC Finegrain Warmtone
Variable contrast using Kentmere's unique bromo-iodide technology. Lith prints to pleasing yellow-brown hues with cold blacks that exhibit gritty grain and texture

Note: Another Kentmere paper, Fineprint VC shares the same emulsion as Fineprint VC Warmtone, but on a bright white glossy paper. However, it does not lith print.

All the above Kentmere papers were discontinued in 2009
Did a couple of prints last night on Fineprint VC (a recent pack from ilford's Mobberley factory) - Sort of liths, but doesn't show infectious development and the blacks are rather weak (in LD20 1+1+25). Second pass, again, no infectious development, but good blacks. Some subtle tri-tone colours in the highlights - Worth experimenting with different types of bleaches (i.e. Copper, Dichromate, & differet ratios of bromide/ferricyanide).