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    TIP: Discount on Fabriano papers for alt-process in Europe until Juli 1st, 2013

    I saw a message today on the Alt-photo-process-list (= a mailing list), mentioning that the Fabriano papers are discounted in Europe between 33% to 50%. I'll copy the message below.
    Additionally, I also found that Supplier Gerstaecker is available in several countries in Europe:
    - Germany: http://www.gerstaecker.de
    - Switzerland: http://www.gerstaecker.ch
    - Austria: http://www.gerstaecker.at
    - The Netherlands: http://www.gerstaecker.nl
    - France: http://www.geant-beaux-arts.fr (has larger discounts??)

    It may save you some extra money by comparing prices & shipping costs if you are in/near one of these countries.
    They all seem to have 33% (or more) discount until July 1st, 2013 on:
    - Fabriano Artisico - extra white
    - Fabriano Artistico - traditional white
    - Fabriano Disegno 5,
    - and a lot of other Fabriano papers ;-)
    (BTW: I'm not an expert on what type of paper is suitable for which type of processes)

    This is the original message from the ALT-PHOTO LIST:
    Hi all,
    Regarding the recent discussions about Fabriano Artistico papers (especially about the FA Extra White soft 300g/sm) and the general appraisal of these papers, I wanted to share with you (mostly the European members of the list), an opportunity to buy all Fabriano papers at very reduced prices before the end of June.“Le géant des Beaux-arts” ( a very large supplier of all art products) offers all the Fabriano range of products with rebates going from 40% minimum to 50 % .For example, for all the Fabriano Artistico range including FAEW soft, the rebate is 50 % until the end of June.Here is the link to the Fabriano artistico Extra white page: http://www.geant-beaux-arts.fr/Papie...c-intense.html Extra white soft exists in 300g/sm and 640 g/sm: items # 3-17000 and # 3-170001Here is the home link to this supplier : http://www.geant-beaux-arts.fr/ I understand that this information will mainly interest French speaking European members of the list .
    Knowing that “Le géant des Beaux-Arts” is a marketing subsidiary of the very large German suplier of art products “Gerstaecker”, I had the idea to check whether there were also bargains on Fabriano Artistico on the Gerstaecker site.And I found 33% rebates on all Fabriano Artistico products. Here it is: http://www.gerstaecker.de/shop/unser...cker.de-11301a and the home link is: http://www.gerstaecker.de/ So, I hope this will be useful for our German speaking European members!
    Hope it helps,Alternative cheers from France,

    "Have fun and catch that light beam!"
    Bert from Holland
    my blog: http://thetoadmen.blogspot.nl
    my Linkedin pinhole group: http://tinyurl.com/pinholegroup

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    My favorite cameras: Mamiya C330f, Nikon S2, Hasselblad SWC, Fuji GSW690 II, Leica SL, Leica M7, Russian FKD 18x24, Bronica SQ-B and RF645, Rolleiflex T, Nikon F4s, Olympus Pen FT, Agfa Clack and my pinhole cameras.

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    Just a quick note here. A good UK supplier for the Fabriano paper runing with this discount (atleast 50% off) is http://www.greatart.co.uk (the UK Gerstaecker) who I'v used on many occasions.

    If you've not used the Fabriano Artistico papers before, I've found them good to work (I mainly use the 300gsm) with most processes and nearly always use the Smooth (i.e. Hot Pressed) rather than the Fine Grain (a NOT paper). The natural white is a quite warm white/very light cream (nothing like the photos on great art though!) which I mainly use but the bright white is much better if your after a good neutral/clean white.



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