There is lots of research is being conducted on 2d to 3d conversions.

When I look to these conversions at computer screen , I say , yes they are from 3d.

How do I or all youtube users or web users agree with that.

Is that because 3d conversions have synthetic light and rendering of light ? But whenever I see more naturalistic conversions , it is harder to grasp that feeling. May be harder or impossible to take pictures with photograph camera like these 3d conversions and makes it easier to sense.

I came here with my Leica and Ektar lenses and Rembrandt etchings. I want to put in to my portraits 3d look with blending 2d look , all natural.
Some lenses transforms 3d in to 2d pictures of 3d conversions. When I contacted with a optical research company , they said 10000 dollars to reverse engineer Summitar. Now I contacted with them to divide that research in to a one by one lens element reverse engineering and divide the costs in to 3 or 4 years. I only can do that but I will spend years at this forum if we are healthy and not banktrupt .