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    Quote Originally Posted by gmikol View Post
    ... It's been a while since I've done anything with DAS, but my exposures were more like 20 minutes, and the tissue/negative sandwich was getting *hot*. If I could cut that by even 5 minutes (10 would be better) it would be a huge improvement.


    Thanks for giving a good reason to want to reduce the time. I was thinking only pre-press production workers would need special glass to boost productivity, but for an artist... time is not a big issue.

    I'm used to seeing special UV passing glass in small pieces... up in the top of the unit protecting the point-source lamp. Not necessarily as the vacuum frame top glass.

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    That's why individualized testing is important, IMO. There are subtle differences in everyone's setup. Even "plain window glass" can have some variability in how much UV it passes. Negative substrates can differ slightly (acetate vs. polyester, especially, but minimizing base + fog as well). So can the mylar you might use between the neg and print or tissue. Each of those things eats light, and it adds up, some more than others.

    To the OP: If your exposure times are short enough, who cares...whatever plain glass you use is fine. But, like me, if they start to run the risk of damaging the negative, or preventing a good print, then something needs to be fixed, and the glass is as good a place to start as any, IMO.

    I wish the top (bulb-protecting) glass in my NuArc was small. It's 11"x14" !! No quartz glass for that.


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