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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinnya
    Hi everyone,

    I was a little concerned about how much the paper is absorbing the solution. I used to use a glass rod to coat, but now I started using the magic brush which I need some practice.

    I usually use 3 ml/coat when I print from 7x17 negatives. I just assumed it should be good since many people seem to suggest 2 ml is sufficient for 8x10 negatives. Should I try to reduce the amount?

    I will also try to eliminate the washing process. I only use small paper to check pH of the solution, so it is rather hard to tell any small deviation. But I know it is around pH 7 in my situation.

    Thank you again for your input.

    How much you use will depend a lot on the sizing on the paper. With Stonhenge I am using about 5 ml per coating for a 12X17 sheet, or a total of 10 ml for double coating. I don't think that is much different from what you are using. And if you must err, better to do it on the side of too much than too little.

    It should have crossed my mind sooner that the washing steps after developing and after clearing would not be necessary when using sodium citrate developer, citric acid clearing bath and a toner that contains citric acid.

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