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    Hi there,

    Maybe apug can start a half-tone forum, Photo Engineer was right, this is way too big for a thread. I didn't get the scanner up but did find a back-up disk. Attached is 2 flow charts for masking, there are at least a dozen methods. Kodak kept changing over time when they realized using the same filters for taking and printing does nothing for color balance.

    Have fun with it.

    To make it easier to read:

    "Four continuous-tone separation negatives are made through standard color-separation filters, all to the same contrast and density range. Three positive pre-masks are then made from the three principal color-separation negatives. When properly made, each will almost exactly cancel the tone scale in the negative from which it was made, and the pair, when placed in register, will result in a nearly even density over the entire image area. Final color-correcting masks are then made by combining one of the pre-masks with a separation negative made with a different filter. The color-correcting masks are then combined with the separation negative in order to print the corrected positives.

    Note: In this diagram, each arrow indicates an exposure; if the arrow passes through a filter, mask, or negative, the exposure was made that way."
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