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    Hi all,

    Here's some of my attempts to produce FAO kallitypes so far. All are on Windsor and Newton's 'The Langton' HP pad paper.

    The first is a contact strip of camera negs - here i applied the FAO first, then the silver nitrate. The second is double-coated, which accounts for the problem in the left bottom corner. The third is underexposed - i had to cut and run that day and snatched it off the lightbox!

    Two and three are from copy film negatives made on Macolith line film. Please bear in mind that i'm new to this game and am still experimenting with the process.

    Sandy, thanks again for your information. Perhaps your lighter D-max is because of the self-masking effect of the printing-out that happens with FAO. But that's a guess. My prints often clear the yellow stain in the fix rather than the citric acid. I've had problems clearing alkaline papers too.

    Jim - thanks, i'll try adding some dichromate next time.

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