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    Cyanotype first attempts.

    Hi all.

    I've been playing with cyanotypes this week, i need something to go onto the front of my dissertation!

    Anyway, i got experimenting, using toner bleach for the ferri and the Ammonium Ferric Oxalate as in Mike Ware's recipe. The first one i made by mixing the AFO and ferri at equal amounts - all AFO was 10% dilution - and i'm not sure about the toner bleach's concentration of ferri. After water development i popped it into a clearing bath of dilute citric acid which changed the colour a bit.

    The second one was coated with the AFO first, then dried and exposed, then developed by wiping the surface with some ferri on cotton wool. I'd been reading about Terry King's version and decided to try it. The result was a cooler blue with better dmax and apparently higher contrast, although i wasn't really paying much attention to exposure times!

    Something else i noticed with the second print was that care was needed to avoid making a blue mess all over the paper - this from the Prussian blue on the pad of course. I rescued the print by swabbing the outside with very dilute print developer, alkaline!

    The paper i'm using in Cotman CP fin 90 lbs / 190 gsm by Winsor and Newton.

    This was my first serious attempts at cyanotypes with an enlarged negative. I'm quite pleased with the results. So i'm posting them up here for all to enjoy before they get bound with my diss.

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    That second one looks very nice. Good job!



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