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    I don't believe we are in any fundamental disagreement. As I remarked earlier, my original remarks were not directed to just pt/pd printing, but to a wide range of alternative processes, including albumen, salted paper (which were specifically mentioned in the original message that started the thread) and pure palladium. If the target Exposure Scale is 1.3 - 1.6, as in your case, I am certain that HP5+ is perfectly adequate, and I have never suggested otherwise. When the process ES gets over 1.9 TMAX-400 will give much better results in a variety of SBR conditions than HP5+, IMHO.


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    I'm printing Pt/Pd from recently exposed/developed HP5+ and TMY negatives now and both are giving me excellent results with DRs ranging from 1.3-1.9. You work in more processes than I do so I can only speak from a more limited scope, but I believe our differing opinions are rooted in different philosophies of negative DR and how that applies to our own personal workflow and process. For example, I never expose/develop for a maximum DR because it does not leave me with any latitude to reduce contrast in the printing or adapt to other metals mixtures. In Pt/Pd I use mixtures of both 50-50 with chlorate and all Pd with a small amount of NA2. I expose/develop my negatives for using a small to moderate amount of contrast agent. We work with different staining developers. There are many factors. Granted, this approach does not apply to processes like albumen that are relatively unforgiving of the negative DR.

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    I have about 1000 sheets of 16x20 graphic arts film (plus several hundred sheets of various smaller sizes), needless to say, I have a rather intense interest in working with lith type films, motivated by the general lack of funds most of us face.

    So far I have had the best results with Dektol, diluted 1:6, the film I'm using right now likes an EI of about 6, and develop by inspection, though it's been pretty consistent at about 6:30. I'm planning on trying some POTA, as well as PF TD3, as I have a few boxes of it lying around.

    I've also recently played with Photo Warehouses fine grain positive film, though in .007 thickness, instead of the now available .004. results have been far better than I ever expected, with one caveat, in the 8x10 sheets I have, there is a very faint line running the length of the material, though in the hybrid process I use, it's not a deal breaker, just takes a few more mins of photoshop time. Now that we're just about done moving, I am going to be experimenting with some Afga N31P that was given to me by a fellow APUGer, and am actively seeking EI and processing suggestions.


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