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    Cranes 90# Cover for Platinum Printing

    I was starting to run low on printing paper, so I decided to see what was available. The newest one I have used is the Crane's Diploma Parchment paper, which is reasonably priced but just a little too warm tone for my liking. I have used Arches Platine quite a bite, but the pricing caused me to look for other options.

    Anyway, I called Photographers Formulary and was informed that they just received a new shipment of Cranes 90# Cover in and that the manufacture said they had corrected the black spot problem. I was told the black spots (metal flacks) were caused by the cutting machine and that they have fixed it. PF has been selling it all along for other processes, but had not sold any for platinum/palladium. With the understanding that I could return it if I had problems, I ordered some. I have tried it and have had two other platinum/palladium printers try this new batch, and it does seem like the black spots are gone.

    The color of the paper is between the ecru color of the diploma parchment and the bright white of the Arches and the price is closer to the diploma parchment paper. I am not sure if many people have used this in the past, but it does appear that they have solved their cutting problems.

    Of course now with three papers to choose form I am really confused. I hope some of you find this helpful.

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    Hello Patrick, I have used the Cranes 90lb cover since day one. B&S used to sell it as Cranes Platinotype I think. I have found you can buy it from local paper suppliers here in Portland. You might have to order it. The Cover stock comes in a variety of colors.. including natural white, florescent bright white, Ivory and a few others. In my experience they all print the same. I have never had the spot problem except on very rare occassions and the paper I have now doesn't seem to have it at all. I have had a very hard time finding a better paper than the 90lb cover though it isn't perfect. I get nice dmax from it and it coats well but I find the lay of the cotton fibers sometimes show up as mottled tones in a blank medium light grey area. It isn't bad though and usually is fine.

    I am making quite a lot of new prints these days and perhaps I will bring them to the Interim Group meeting in a month or two.

    Dennis Purdy



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