A couple of years back I played around with some solarplate printing from positive digital prints on transparency ... I now have an 8x10 proper and am itching to try the process with real film and want to figure out the best workflow ...

I'm ordering some Bergger 200 8x10 film - I've done heaps of reversal developing in 16mm cine both with light re-exposure and chemically with sodium sulphide >> Do you think this film would give the right gamma/density for solarplate positive exposure if I were to process it in reversal ?

...ooooor the Bergger BPF18B ortho film - is this a direct duplicate or neg type stock ? if it is negative, would a simple contact print of a standard 8x10 neg and then soup in dektol or something give me the right positive for solarplate prints ?

If the BPF18B is neg - then it could be used to enlarge my MF 6x7 negs onto for solarplate also

interested in it particularly as I can include it in a big order from B&S - I'm getting tired of separate shipping charges :rolleyes:

any help appreciated