I feel pretty much picked on here and as I'm not wanting this to degenerate, nor fall out or upset anyone I'll take all your comments and get on with what I have to do over the coming weeks. Personally I don't consider the question quite as dumb as some of the recent posts have made out, what I think I do need to do is re-consider the actual title.

I have done a considerable amount of research which includes several interviews with practising artists include one who is very prominent, and a London Gallery they have proved extremely helpful and supportive. My research over the past few months has been extremely in depth looking at processes, the histories, why artists choose to work in alt processes, their expressive potential and the current contemporary photographic art scene. I just thought that since there are many alt process guys on this site, some additional info and insight might prove useful.

Texts that I have read include: Keepers of Light, The Antiquarian Avande Garde (poss spelt wrong), Art Photography Now, The Photographic Reader, Walter Benjimen, Roland Barthes, Photography after Photography plus numerous articles from various journals.

I have always found this site very informative and the advice given useful. Perhaps I haven't explained myself that well, if that is so then I do apologies. I will need to consider that and be more careful the next time I post a thread.

In the meantime thanks for you many and varied responses.