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I haven't done many Pt/Pd prints but routinely do Van Dyke Brown and the occasional salted paper print which require negatives of contrast greater than that required for Pt. I generally use HP5+ or Efke 25 and develop the film in HC110 dilution A (1+14 out of the concentrate) or stronger (e.g., 1+10). My times range from 6-7 minutes around 70F (depending on what I'm doing). I suspect Pt/Pd controls will give you enough flexibility that a bit of overdevelopment if it happened with this developer wouldn't be much of a problem. So just go for it and adjust as needed.
A comparison with a stouffer step wedge shows my negs at around step 1 to 6 or 7 on average - I can print these in ~100secs with my exposure box - 18mins in the box will give an equivalent print in Pd from step 9 to 16, I'm guessing thats well past anything I'd get from overdevelopment, at least I hope so ...

As everyone says, yes I will just shoot a lot of film and try out different processing ... All the advice as magic bullet or not is helpful in that I get a general vector in which to start out on.

No doubt I'll come up with my own little treatment, I do know that for the Pt/Pd prints I have seen in person that the look I'm after for now is a little different - (I've seen some Mapplethorpe prints and some prints Sean had at his house (APUG Sean) from another user (cant remember who, maybe someone here?))