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Okay! You be the rude poster, and I'll be the rotting, I mean, mellow poster!


Of course the networks don't televise Portland riots -- who wants to watch people in REI jackets and Tevas overturning police bicycles and yelling "Hell no, lets all grow!"

Whoops -- maybe I'm thinking of Humboldt County...
No no no no no... all the people in REI jackets are Californians that moved here to "share in the experiance." The people that riot would be a bunch of students on "freak" bikes at a may day festiville. Freak bike being anything from one that looks like a giant shoe, to bikes that are two frames welded on top of eachother to make the bike double tall. The chant would be no war for oil. They will however fight each other for a joint.

The police would be on either horses, or on motorcycles, which will be over turned, but only because they have manage to crash into each other, again.