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    Mar 2003
    Well I have had confirmation from a printer that actually knows what is what with Pt/Pd that one of my papers has 'potential' and that it is actually holding more detail than vellum. Sure there are those Dmax problems but I anticipate that these will be resolved in short order.

    I have even done some 'testing' myself of various finishing mixes of applying various layers of bee wax and resin to prints and the black edge outside the print is visually comparable to the Dmax of Cot-320. One advantage of the layering is that the print does not have the 'glare' from certain angles that you get with prepared glazing waxes and it deters the finish from soaking through the paper as happens with varnishes.

    However, I am now wondering about other methods that can be used in combination with Pt/Pd to achieve various subtle departures from the Classic Platinum Print. I believe that the paper will be amenable to multiple printing as I soaked the paper for 24 hours and could discern no detrimental shrinkage or expansion after drying... so......

    What over process (or under process for that matter) would be most compatible with....
    - a very smooth finish paper
    - maintaining or enhancing separation in deep shadows
    - the capability for a very subtle colour shift but maintaining clean highlights
    - easy..ish!

    I know that some printers are doing 'gum-over' is there a definitive book on the process that would be comparable to Arnetz's book on platinum? Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated.... even a well informed 'forget it!!' would be of value.

    Cheers, Annie

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    Nov 2003
    what paper is this? have you started making your own? I make paper for other things and have been wondering if I could do it for printing too. I like a 2/3 cotton to 1/3 hemp mixture.

    That does not mean a third of my paper is smokable
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