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    Tintype workshop at RayKo in San Francisco

    I Just finished the most exciting photography workshop I have ever taken, Tintypes at RayKo in San Francisco. The instructor, Michael Shindler, was wonderful, articulate, knowledgeable, inspired and provided just the right amount of assistance.

    The first morning was a run through on the chemistry itself, but we quickly moved into a demonstration of makeing a tintype and before noon we all had made our first one. The rest of the day we just made as many photos as we liked and Michael would provide as much help as was needed.

    The second day started with a run through of the process but with glass instead of metal plates and then we were free to make photos using different camera setups, including a Sinar with strobes setup for portraits, a table top with various backgrounds for still life, a field camera for taking outside and a Hasselblad for handheld. We were able to invite friends and family to take portraits and show them the process too.

    All in all it was very good, it has gotten me to rethink what I want todo with my photography. RayKo is a wonderful resource and this workshop is particularly good. So if you have a chance I highly recommend them.
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    Rayko is indeed an excellent resource for those in the bay area. I'm glad to see you had a positive experience. However, since this post feels a little promotional, I've decided to close it, though not delete, because I think the information is relevant to APUG users. Rayko are welcome to become a sponsor or advertiser here.

    Please feel free to participate in the forums, introduce yourself, ask questions of the process... or answer them if you can.
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