Hi all

I am very interested to share experience with chrysotype. I start tis process 5 years ago, and also make some research on it. I find it funny to use but always find the colored iimage to have less black density compare to the black- brown one. By colored I mean the purple and blue one.

In fact when I want a pure black on one of my chrytopye I use to add Palladium to get higher density or to make a double print , with first the chrystope and secondly another Chryso or an high contrast palladium print or a gum. here is a sample of the result I have with this process.

I should mention that I've try the Ware version but don't find the ligland useful to get better black, and I already have same images without the use os the ligland.

I will be pleased to know if other users get the same result and to share some information with them.