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    Pricing questions

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct area and am trying to figure out how to correctly value my work. I shoot whole plate collodion and 8x10 film and have been asked to be in a gallery showing weekend art sale in Brussels Belgium. I plane on having albumen, cyanotype, and traditional prints as well as ambrotypes. My dilemma is...wait for it...I have f#&ing idea how to price the work. The prints are easier. I do not claim to be a photo god and do good work so those prices are easier. I am having trouble putting a price on ambrotypes. Each image is a one-off original with no true reproduction possible. I mean, I could take the same shot 10 minutes after the first but it will look different, counting may be off, developed a bit longer, etc.

    Of all the folks out there shooting and selling ambrotypes in a gallery, art show etc, what price are you selling for whole plate sized black glass ambros...that you are willing to share? This is my first art show so am struggling to figure out what price to put on items. Fun and terrifying all at the same time.

    Thanks for suggestions help and if in Brussels in Nov, drop a line I'll share beers with you.


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    Ask the gallery director, he or she would know what the market will bear there.
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