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    Oct 2006
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    RGB + BW Inkjet Autochrome

    Autochrome have two layers.
    6 color RGB and BW.

    We know the formulas of these original 6 dyes but We dont know the BW panchromatic emulsion. And playing with emulsions with extreme tight budget is difficult.

    I think We can print on transparent melinex with 6 color printer , that 6 color RGB screen with original dyes on BW printed under layer.

    We accept screen printing with photoshop , so we can accept the whole hybrid print.

    Only we have to do is to simulate
    Your photograph , RGB file and finally BW panchromatic layer response.

    I contacted with someone who knows the RGB CMYK equivalents of these dyes.
    I do not know the color theory well but I think there can be very detailed 7 variable per color information.

    I need your knowledge on using of photoshop and your ideas.

    I am not retreating of inventing intelligent idea on autochrome but if you have a printer , only you have to do print an extra layer and this is affordable and final print is not distant from the original concept.

    I hope everything clear.

    Best ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac


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    Well if you have 7 layers of flat colour in photoshop, you can set the layer mode to dissolve and opacity to 14.29% incrementally on each layer iirc... for example if just red, green and blue.... top layer 33%, middle layer 66%, bottom layer 100%, and that's if you're supposed to have (or want to have) a perfectly even amount of each colour.

    You'd have to relate this pretty well to alteernative analogue processes to have this kind of discussion on here.

    If youre going for specific colour values as opposed to full saturation (max value of one channel such as R, while 0 for all the others), then you need a calibrated monitor and printer to make sure your screen prints come out as they look.



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