Here is a easier to find , quality ink to print your alternative or digital prints.
National Geographic uses 300 tonnes a month and I think it can be reachable.
I dont like the NGMs past 20 years but they sometimes print excellent tones , 80s tones still , they are rare.

I sent a email to them to get a list of past 30 years CMYK ink suppliers and I will try to reach to the subject better.

I dont know nearly anything about inkjet printers but they can adapt to print even human tissue.

My question , is it possible to inkjet variable ink weight per same size dot ? Years ago , someone told me they can but not sure about it. This is the basis of old kodachrome and technicolor films and tiffdruck rotogravure print.

By this way , I could find a rotogravure elliptical dot screening software for printer and voila , National Geographic Magazine Printing Press 390 tonnes at home.

Someone can dye transfer with that ink also.

I learned they switched to soy based inks and they stink !

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac