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    I guess some people just do not understand that it is the journey that counts... and not the final output. To some having a point, shoot, and click result to get a good "look a like" pt/pd print gives them something to do for a single evening while playing on the PC. Another evening wasted away in boredom while selecting menu options and quickly seeing the changes.

    I personally am still looking forward to creating my first pt/pd print the traditional way. I have all the components for assembling my lightbox (had for four months now) and the kits to begin, just not the proper time for my busy schedule. Late this spring I changed careers and now am working fulltime in British Columbia while living in Alberta. The drive to work is very exhausting. (joke... 360 miles one way). Hopefully after this winter I will have everything settled into place, the house sold, the family moved and I can get back into the darkroom again.

    Don't worry Mr. William Blunt... I most definitely will get there but it will just take a bit longer than I expected. Unfortunately I am renting a residence in BC and will only have my computer to fiddle on while I am there. I hope to use that time to learn to scan negatives and start to make good enlarged negatives for Pt/PD usage. Would rather have the darkroom...but I will make due with what is available.

    Anyways at least I can come to Apug for solace and read about the fun the rest of you are having.

    Kind Regards,
    Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

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    The line between reality and fiction is sometimes but a faint blur....
    My Verito page

    Anyone can appreciate a fine print. But it takes a real photographer to appreciate a fine negative.

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