That said, you get a LOT of carry-over from the developer in the clearing bath, which would lead to accelerated exhaustion of the clearing bath. I'm not a big fan of wasting chemicals if I don't have to, and this seems like waste to me.
That's why I use a 3% citric for the first clearing bath. It gets dumped after each print. Citric is cheap compared to other clearing agents. I'd rather dump the citric than have a wasted print too. In fact I had to do this to prevent staining when making Kallitypes. After the citric bath I rinse in tap water, before the next clearing step.

It's similar to going direct from developer to fix for your silver-gelatin prints. You certainly CAN, but you'll exhaust your fix that much faster.
Hardly an apt comparison since dev. to fixer is definitely a no-no for silver gelatin.