Hello to All,
In case there is anyone who reads this Forum, but dose not read the silver-halide emulsion Forum, I am making it known that I have ordered, for 3 people so far, 1.3g of SDA3057. This is a green sensitizing dye which, in the pesence of iodine forms "J" agrigate and becomes a red sensitizing. At the recommendation of Photo Engineer, I ordered 1.0g about 3 years ago. I have been producing Red sensitive emulsions ever since. I use the SDA3057 in conjunction with green sensitizer SDE3008, also from W.W.Sands. The concentration is 150mg /mole os silver. An average batch of ewmulsion uses 0.1 moles of siulver to produce abot 200 grams of emulsion.
The catch is that the price of SDA3057 ii $395/gram. I am ordering 1.3 grams to meet Sand's minimum oif $500.
So far I have 2 partners who will split the dye and cost with me. I am looking for one more person with whom to split the dye and cost.
As an incentive, I will include some SDE3008,green sensitizing dye, at no charge. I use it at 2/3 the leval of SDA3057. It also costs $395/gram.