Yesterday I started a new print and of course I'm still learning so I'm trying to tweak my style. I have been reading about using Cyanotype to start the print process then go to the gum colors. So I started with a Cyanotype which was underexposed but I did get some of the shadow areas covered. Then I went to yellow gum color and I usually use the formula 1/2ml yellow, 3ml gum, 3ml dichro. What has been happening is I get a build up of color to the point it begins to flake around the edges. So this time I went with the same formula but less than 1/2 ml of color. I felt that if it wasn't strong enough I could add another layer of color.
When I finished with the cyan color at the end it just did not have the deep blacks I was looking for. So I added the black and there was my darker shadows. The color seemed washed out due to the amount of color added. I added another layer of Y,M,C. this gave me much deeper colors and over all a much less washed out print. There was a total of 8 layers and the build up was minimal.
How does this sound to how many of you are doing this process.
thank you for reading and responding.